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The corona vaccine

The corona vaccine is available in 2024 for people with a high medical risk. They can make an appointment at GGD Kennemerland in Haarlem.

How to make an appointment?

Have you received a referral for the corona vaccine from your doctor? It’s possible to make an appointment to get the corona vaccine at GGD Kennemerland on Wednesdays and Thursdays at the location Zijlweg 200 in Haarlem. You can make the appointment by contacting us via 023 - 789 16 31.

Vaccination in the fall of 2024

In the fall of 2024, a new vaccination round against corona will commence. This round is intended for individuals aged 60 and above, those who receive an annual invitation for the flu shot, and healthcare workers. The specific start and end dates of the fall round will be announced in the first half of 2024.

Revised advice on corona vaccination during pregnancy

There is now a reduced risk of severe illness from corona during pregnancy compared to before. Additionally, the likelihood of premature birth due to corona is lower. This is because sufficient immunity against corona has been built up within the population. Moreover, the Omicron variant of the coronavirus is less severe. Therefore, the corona vaccine is no longer necessary for all pregnant women.

When should you get the corona vaccine?
If you are pregnant and receive an annual invitation for the flu shot, or if you work in healthcare, it is advised to get the corona vaccine in the fall round of 2024, even if you are pregnant. Vaccination against corona is safe during pregnancy.

More information

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