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I want an STD test

Are you under 25 years old and would you like get tested for STDs? Make an appointment for a free test.

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 Request appointment

Older than 24 years?

Only if you’re part of a risk-group (for example: men who have seks with men, sexworkers or people who have been warned for a STD) you can make an appointment at the GGD.

If you are not part of a riskgroup, there is a possibility that after finishing the questionnaire,  you are redirected to your family doctor.

  • The GGD and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) conduct scientific research to improve STI care. For more information see the website of RIVM.
    They are using your data without your name and address. In case you do not give permission to use your data, you need tot tell this at your appointment.
How much does an STD test cost

Are you under 25 years old? Then the test is free and anonymous. You can get tested once every six months.

Are you older? In that case, we may refer you to your family doctor.

Which locations offer STD testing

Our locations in Haarlem, Hoofddorp and Heemskerk.

The results

After visiting the STD Clinic, you can log in here to retrieve your results. The login details are on the contact card that was given to you during your visit to the STD Clinic. Please note that you can only log in once you have received an e-mail and text message from us, informing you that the results are available.

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Log in here for your results

In addition, we would like to point out that the results can only be viewed on-line for one month following the diagnosis. If your appointment was longer ago, you can contact the STD Clinic by telephone.

If you are a man who is having sex with men

Are you a man who is having sex with men? Then please get tested regularly for STDs and HIV.

You can also be vaccinated free of charge against the Hepatitis B virus.

Questions about sexuality

Young people with questions related to sexuality can contact the Municipal Health Service (GGD) for information, guidance and treatment. This includes questions about unplanned pregnancy, contraception, the morning-after pill, or problems with sexual intercourse, such as erection loss or pain during intercourse.

When sex is your job
Do you work as a prostitute? Then please get tested regularly for STDs and HIV, and let yourself be vaccinated against the Hepatitis B virus. The tests and vaccination are free of charge.